Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Your Service Different?

We offer experienced matchmakers to help guide you through the complex process of marriage from helping you build a marriage profile, finding you potential matches, helping facilitate conversations and determine compatibility, to providing you advice and the benefit of having a guide through the whole process. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of our lives and we believe you should go to an expert just like you would go to a real estate agent for buying a home, a lawyer for legal help, a doctor if you were sick, or a mechanic if you had problems with your car. We consider ourselves guides helping you in your life journey of getting married.

What Countries Do You Currently Service?

We currently service only clients from the U.S. and Canada. InshAllah we are working on expanding the network worldwide, but for now it is restricted to U.S. and Canada residents only.

What Is The Overall Process That I Should Expect?

a. Sign Up With Our Service - Every client who registers with us must first fill out our online registration form. You can get to the online form by going to our website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button.

b. After you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions to completing your marriage profile. A login will be contained in that email once you complete payment.

c. The first phone call - Once you are done with your marriage profile, you will schedule a call from that email with a registration specialist. They will review your profile, offer suggestions, ensure it is complete, and then assign you to a matchmaker and schedule a call with them.

d. The second call - your matchmaker will review your profile with you, publish it, set your matching criteria, and enable your automated matching. They will also review the first initial matches with you.

e. Getting Matched - When both parties are interested in each other, your matchmaker will contact you to schedule a phone conference with the other interested party so that you both can talk to establish compatibility without exchanging contact information. These hour long calls will be $50/call and are used to compensate your matchmaker for their searching and also to be in on the calls with you as a guide.

What is the Fee For Your Service?

We only get paid based on results: $100 one time non-refundable registration fee, no monthly fees, and $25/half hour conference call(s) with a potential spouse and $100 upon contact exchange.

Why do we charge so little? We are a non-profit dedicated to the institution of effective and affordable marriage for all. Our goal is to try and create a model that is self sustaining for the benefit of the Muslim community. A model where we support muslims to get married and we also provide jobs for the local community.

What Ethnicities Do You Work With?

We work with all ethnicities of muslims and are not restricted to any ethnicity. Our clients include Pakistani, Indian, Bengladeshi, Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian, etc. Our matchmakers are from a similar diversity of nationalities that make up the muslim community.

I Don’t Want To Give My Pictures Until I Find The Right Match.

We put together a complete marriage profile for each of our clients that includes a basic profile, photos and a compatibility questionnaire. This way our clients have enough information to quickly decide if they would like to go forward or not. Without the photos, people can not make that decision, as attraction is a very essential component in marriage. However, our process of sharing photos is very private. Only highly qualified and pre-interviewed possible matches will see your photos and your matchmaker. In addition, our automated matching database helps keep your photos private, because instead of emailing your photos, your photos can stay in the automated database, and when the possible match clicks on the “interested” or “not interested” buttons, your profile along with your photos will disappear from their log in. Also, there will be no name or contact information attached with your photos.

Can I Sign Up My Child, Or Other Relative, And Just Find A Match For Them?

Yes, you can sign them up, and we really appreciate your effort to help them get married. However, we also need to talk with your child or other relative, so that we know they are involved in the process and are serious about getting married. The more involved they are in the process, the better results they will get inshAllah. We also need them to fill out their own compatibility questionnaire. We would encourage you to go through the matches together with your child or relative, because sometimes we think we know what our children want, but they are really looking for something else. If you both live in different parts of the country, you can still look at the matches together by talking on the phone while both of you are logged into the website

Can I Get A MatchMaker From My Own Ethnicity Or A MatchMaker Who Can Speak My Native Language?

Yes, we have matchmakers of different ethnicities who speak different languages. You can specify the ethnicity or language that you want on our online registration form under the "preference for a matchmaker" field, and we will do our best to find the matchmaker that would be best able to work with you.

Why Do I Need To Fill Out The Compatibility Questionnaire?

It may seem like a long questionnaire, but we tried to put only the most important questions that would help you in establishing compatibility for marriage. The questionnaire also saves you time, because we can skip the getting to know each other through email process which can take weeks, and just skip to a phone conference if both sides are interested in each other’s profiles and questionnaires. Also, since most people have more than one match, it will save you a lot of writing of emails back and forth with multiple people. In addition, it helps our clients to get to know how the opposite gender thinks and what they are looking for. Finally, it speeds up the process of getting to know each other.

I Don’t Know How To Answer The Questions In The Questionnaire.

Answer as much of the questionnaire as you can, and then ask a friend or family member who knows you well to help you fill out the rest.

I Am Too Busy With Work And School To Do This. Can’t My MatchMaker Just Do The Work For Me?

You need to get your priorities in order. Yes, school and career are important, but marriage is a very important decision that will not only affect your quality of life, but also the life of your children and your family. It is worth it to invest the time and effort to find a good match, and it will save you time and headaches later inshAllah. In addition, your matchmaker is already working with you on a volunteer basis, and you can’t expect your matchmaker to put in the effort if you are not even willing to put in the effort for yourself.

Can I Contact My MatchMaker After Hours As I Am So Busy During The Day?

Each matchmaker has their own hours. Many have family, jobs, and businesses that they have to attend to also, so check with your matchmaker for their available times. If they only offer day hours, please be respectful of their personal time and try and contact them during their regularly scheduled hours.

How Can I Get The Best Results From This Service?

Make finding a compatible spouse your first priority in life. Be responsible for yourself, take action, and take the whole process seriously. Work with your matchmaker, and ask questions. Do what you are asked to do, and put in the time and effort. Keep an open mind, read profiles, don’t just look at the pictures. Get to know people on a deeper level so you can find out what qualities are valuable to you in a spouse. Beauty will fade, but personality and character are the things that will help your marriage last in the long run. Finally, get a friend or family member who has been married before to sit with you and go through the profiles with you and talk with you about your possible matches.

How Will I Know If I Am Compatible With Someone?

You will have to ask questions as well as visit with the person and their family. Your matchmaker will help you by giving you advice about how to proceed and helping you decide which questions to ask. In the beginning, your matchmaker will arrange a phone conference with the other party that is guided by the matchmaker. There is no exchange of contact information until both sides agree that they want to do so. The matchmakers will continue to guide both parties to establish compatibility all the way until nikah.

I Get Too Many Matches. What Should I Do?

You can contact your matchmaker and ask them to make your matching criteria more strict, so you see fewer possible matches inshAllah.

I Didn’t Get Many Matches. What Should I Do?

You can contact your matchmaker and ask them to make your matching criteria less strict, so you can see more possible matches inshAllah.

I Can’t Log In To The Website

Please contact your matchmaker or technical support at 512-843-7469.

My MatchMaker Doesn’t Know How To Help Me

Contact support at 512-843-7469.